Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cast Events

So back in March, DAK had two employee parties that were SO MUCH FUN!! EPCOT never had events like this that I was able to go to (Danny was able to go to a Soarin'/Land movie night one time, though) So this was a nice change. The first event was in Dinoland and they opened up Dinorama for all the cast members from 7:30pm-9pm. This meant that Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin and the carnival games were open for us to enjoy. We didn't have to pay for the carnival games and we got fun toys as prizes (besides the typical stuffed animals, they also gave out DAK lanyards, Disney mister fans {which are like $10 each!} and other fun things) They also fed us a lovely barbeque.
The following week, they held it at Everest and it was beyond awesome. Seriously, I don't think I've ever had so much fun before with coworkers. I was friends with my EPCOT ppl last year, but not as close as I am to my DAK workers. There was NO ONE really going on Everest, and it was always a walk on. I was one of the few ppl who didn't have to work that day, so I got to go in normal clothes, while everyone else was in work costume. I think I rode it 7 times. And there were no Merchandise ppl working (since everyone but attractions ppl were off), so we weren't able to buy our photos. Luckily I had brought my camera and took pictures of our ride pictures. The event was open from 7:30-9pm again, and in the middle of it, they actually turned on the lights inside the ride. We were not able to take photos while lights were on, but I have to admit that while it was cool to be able to see everything, I prefer the ride in the dark! I love that when you go through the mountain, that you can't see anything! And then the Yeti just comes out of nowhere! At this event we were fed unlimited ice cream bars (frozen banana, mickey bars and mickey ice cream sandwiches) At one point, DAK's Vice President, Michael Colglazier was even in our car and he was super nice and easy to talk to!.This whole event was awesome, and afterwards my coworkers and I all went to Waffle House and ate really bad cheap food.

Rio does not like roller coasters. Ryan however, is very excited...

First ride up!

This one's my favorite! I love my smile :)

I may love DAK more than EPCOT now... :D

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