Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wow, it's been how long...?

Well, that's just embarrassing. I didn't even come back on to do an end post! Truth be told, I was REAAAAALLLY depressed. I have made some of the best friends doing that program, and I couldn't believe that I was leaving them. I went back to California while my friends went back to Wisconsin, Texas, Chicago and New York. August 12th really was the saddest day of my life, and I cried a lot (and had very little sleep). I think that's something to be prepared for. No matter if you love your job, if you stick it out to the end, you leave with some of the closest friends. And I mean, I'm closer with these guys than I was with the friends I made in college.  Living and working and playing together for six months will do that.
Let's see, how did I end my program:
August 3rd: One of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! I went to Universal: Islands of Adventure for the last time with my friend Danny and his friends (some of whom I knew, some I met for the first time). Being in Disney really gave me back the passion for photography, and I think you can see that in some of my photo's:

Personally, I claim Ravenclaw, but the boys all claim Slytherin.  It was an "interesting" day, lol :)
  Katelynn claims Hufflepuff, and was also picked for the wand show in Olivander's.

The Hog's Head pub serves several types of beer, as well one made specially for HP land.

Since we all went home August 12th, August 11th we were not scheduled to work as to get all our packing done. See, the trick is to get all your packing done early so you can spend that whooooole day in the park (much like I did with my friend Sahil when he went home). As such, I kidnapped Danny and we went to MK for a few hours before he headed back to pack.

 I made him ride Big Thunder while I took our pictures. They came out pretty good, imo :) (it was seriously 110 the last two months of the program. Prepare to sweat....)

One of my favoritest pictures EVER!!
I went off to EPCOT to say good bye to my friend Kelsey, whose extension was granted, and as such was working.

  I then headed back to MK to meet up with one of the Tracy roommates where I took this SICK photo!!! It was during The Magic, The Memories and You. The whole stupid park was shut down because of a lightening storm in the area, which meant that alllll the rides were closed. >.< HOWEVER! As I was taking a picture of the castle lit up, lightening struck!! I could not believe my luck!

Sorry guys, had to put my name over it, I'm so proud :) It's even better since the castle is lit up with cute fluffy clouds :)
More to come.... promise much sooner than four months... more like less than two days as I have some exciting news to get to! :)