Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Everyday Conversation

The following is an actual conversation I had today:
The Setting: I am at Boat Landing, where one can find Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. We are running a bit behind and normally Pooh will go off for some honey, followed shortly by Eeyore and then Tigger. Today though, Pooh has made it back from his snack before Eeyore and Tigger have left. As such, I have to make sure Eeyore leaves after his last family, and explain to the new family that he'll be right back. Please note, there are two families in this story, A and B.

{Family leaves}
Me: Okay, Eeyore, go grab some thistles real quick. Turning to girl 1 from Family A Sorry Princess, but Eeyore will be right back, okay?
Dad 1A: Oh okay, no problem. Proceeds to walk towards Tigger
Me: Actually, if I can just have you stay right here for Eeyore.
Dad 1A: Oh, we were just going to go see Tigger while we wait.
Me: Actually, Tigger is going to be leaving right after that family, too, but he'll be right back.
Child 1A: Tigger's leaving too?
Me: Yup! He's just going to get some cake real quick, and then he'll be back.
Child 2A: Cake?! I like cake!
Me: You do?! I like cake, too!
Child 1A: Pooh already left (she states, matter of factly)
Me: He did! You saw him leave, and waited for him, didn't you? He ate some honey and then he came right back.
Child 1A: Honey? I like honey!
Me: Me too. I put it in my tea sometimes. Which do you think you'd like better: Honey, Thistles or Cake?
Child 1 and 2A: Ummm.......
Child 1A: Honey! My mom gives me honey cause it's kind of like medicine. She gives it to me on a spoon sometimes. Look at my baby! It's a mere cat! And she has a baby fox! (points to Child 2A)
Child 2A literally puts baby fox about 2 inches from my face
Me: Those are really neat babies!
A wild Child 1B appears!
Child 1B: Look what I can do! Proceeds to hop on one foot across the set
Me: Look at you! You're hoping on one foot! Make sure you show that to Tigger when you see him!
Child 1B: ....Whaaaaa?
Me: Make sure to show Tigger how you bounce! Hey look, I can see Eeyore coming down the pathway!
Child 1A: I see him too! And Tigger!

About 4 minutes later, I look over to Tigger just in time to see Child 1B slooooooowwwwly hopping towards Tigger. Tigger looks down at him and then begins to hop in place, which causes Child 1B to explode in giggles. I go back to shooting my family at Eeyore.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day

LOVE! Oh man, that is the word for yesterday. I somehow had both Feb 29th AND March 1st off, so you know what I did!!!! I got up at 4:30am, Feb 29th, picked up my friend Dan from Pop Century and we went to Magic Kingdom at 5:45am. There were soooooo many people.

We unfortunately didn't get one of the free hats that they were giving away, but I actually didn't care for them all that much, so I wasn't too sad. (I WAS sad that Disney didn't make any collector pins, though! I am a pin collector for sure, and was really looking forward to one. They did make buttons, though. I grabbed several of those for friends and family.) When we first got in, we went straight to the Emporium to purchase a shirt, and if you have ever seen footage from Black Friday sales (preferable from Target or Walmart) then picture that. People had this look in their eyes that said they were about to do harm. So I calmly backed away from the rack of shirts, and heard a cast member call out that shirts were also available at the cash registers, so Dan and I went and stood in line to get our shirts. (please note, no harm happened) If you wanted to purchase a hat, they were at Le Chapeau and Sir Mickey's, and they also had a collectors watch at Uptown Jewlers. I bought a shirt and hat, but wasn't too interested in the watch. We then continued down mainstreet, where I hit up every photopass person I could see.

Did I mention it was foggy? You may notice that despite being 6:30am here, I'm in shorts. I think it's gonna be a hot summer.... Dan and I spent the morning wandering, where I met Tiana, Cinderella's step family (who, i believe I mentioned last year, are AMAZING!!!) Seriously, my dream job would be to be friends with Drizella or Anastasia.

The back of my hat, which had the special stitching added in. You could only get the stitching the day of, and you couldn't come back on a later day to get. (I mean, you can't come back March 5th and ask for it to be added on). By the time it was 1am, March 1st, there was a 3-4 hour wait to get your hat done.
Color is off on Lotso... I'll have to fix this pic later
We did go on some rides, but really not many. The park wasn't that crowded, and someone even remarked that there were more cast members than regular guests, which I though was funny. I also met Peterpan and picked up a Lotso bear, who Peter was very interested in.
I absolutely LOVE the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! parade, so I made sure to watch that as it went by as well.!! I could seriously shoot this parade everyday and be happy. It just makes me want to dance. :)

I went home to work on homework a bit and get a second wind, before setting out with the roommates. The night time was DEFINITELY more active than the day. First off, parking was hard to get in to. But there were SOOOO many characters out that normally aren't! Snow White AND the Seven Dwarves!!!!! Augh!!! Never thought it would happen.
Feb 29th: 11:40pm Waited almost 1.5 hours
Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger, too! (Neither Pooh and friends, nor Snow and Dwarves signed autographs. Imagine how long that would have taken? o.0)
March 1st: 1:30am Waited 15min
Jack Sparrow was also out!! Now, I have tried two years running to get a picture with him in Disneyland during the Halloween parties, and failed both times! So this year, I waited the hour to see him and get his autograph, as he WAS signing. I'll warn you, the photo looks TERRIBLE, lol. At this point, it was 3am, and I was really tired. I also apparently stood really weird so my face looks off, BUT I DON'T CARE (as you can tell....)
Great meet and greet. He was perfect.
I called it quits at 3:15 and headed home to sleep. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were there, but no joke, their line was 3-4 hours long all night. I had met them last year, and so passed. Mickey and Minnie were also available to meet in their pajamas, but their wait was 60-75 minutes, and at the end of the night, I was just too tired to care. If you look up the pictures, they really did look cute, but my bed seemed cuter at the time, if you know what I mean. I was tired.
As we left the park, the lines to get to the TTC were HORRENDOUS! I mean, oh my God. They only had one monorail track running, and the ramp was packed all the way up the ramp. The boat dock didn't look any better, and even though the boat can really pack the people on (as opposed to the monorail) we found out that there was a super secret Bus 18 that was running to the TTC. They weren't advertising it, and in fact one cast member had said I could only use monorail or boat back, but in talking with a different cast member five minutes later, he told me to just get on #18. There was no wait for the bus, and we made it to the TTC in, I kid you not, 9 minutes from leaving the turnstiles. Will have to remember this bus during the 4th of July...
Back to the salt mine, tomorrow! Working 9am-1500. I really need to go grocery shopping....