Sunday, December 12, 2010

How soon is now?

I can't believe how far off my arrival date seems.  Two months away!  When I say it like that, it really doesn't convey how quickly it's approaching (although it seems like forever..)  It helps to break it down though:
  • Only 8 weeks to get everything organized
  • 7 more weeks of work
  • 5 weeks until I have to meet again with my work experience councilor
  • Only 3 more official paychecks (four, depending on my last day)
  • 2 days until my last final
Now it doesn't seem so bad! (especially when thinking about that pay check situation, eek!)  One thing I would heavily recomend is to sit down and write down EVERYTHING that you need to do.  My mom pointed out that I like to make lists in my head and walk around thinking about what I need to do, but not really getting anything done.  So I sat down and wrote down whatever popped into my head, even if it was something that I knew wouldn't need to be done until right before I left.  Here's a sampling of what I came up with:
  • Check on medical insurance (talk to school)
  • find passport and social security card
  • inventory clothes I'm thinking of packing
  • create packing list
  • talk to Admissions
  • talk to Financial Aid
  • Is my name on my auto insurance? (necessary is you are bringing your car to Disney)
My list is longer, and as I said I wrote down EVERYTHING.  This way I can cross it off as I accomplish things; also it helped to see how much I still had to do.  Since I'm over 26, I can not just lump onto my parents medical insurance.  This is huge for me as I currently have coverage through my work, which of course I won't have when I quit to go to Disney.  This was really one of the reasons I was thinking of not going, as it's really scary for me to because (among other fun stuff) I have OCD and I don't do well with major transitions.  Leaving the place I have worked at for four and a half years really makes me nervous.  On the other hand, I LOVE new experiences, so there was really no way I could pass up this chance.  I'll figure out what to do with the insurance, but right now it seems a little daunting.

And now for your enjoyment! I LOVE this guy's video's.  He even has one for one of my FAVORITE childhood movies, A Little Princess. :)