Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Midnight musings

So it's actually after 2 am, but I like the title. So last spring break, when I was at EPCOT, I maintained my normal hours and was scheduled like 36.  This year I actually made it up to 40 hours. I picked up the PAC shift for almost 4 hour for one of my days off, and then base called me asking if I could come in on my other day off, and I ended up working 5 hours that day, ending at basically 50 hours for the day (rounding). The next official Spring Break week I again had 40 hours and 45 minutes, and I will tell you, I did NOTHING my days off but sleep and it was amazing. Because of the fact that I didn't have a day off the week before, i worked like almost 70 hours before a real day off.... I don't think I'll be doing that again, lol. This week is not Spring Break, and as such we have Disney classes again, but I was still scheduled 40 hours and 45 minutes. I picked up a short shift in the West on my "saturday" and I imagine I'll have fun with it. :) This shift brings my total to 45 hours even. I have to admit that the overtime from that 50 hour week made my pay check REALLY nice. :))
Next week I took Tuesday off (for a total of 3 days off) and so have 30 hours BUT my friend Jasmine won tickets to go see The Lion King from Broadway when it comes to Orlando and invited me to go with her!! I'm super excited!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go see it, and now I finally get to!!!!
The Expedition Everest Challenge is only 2.5 weeks away, and if I haven't mentioned it, it's a 5K that I signed up for... and I HATE running. We'll see how this goes.......
On a completely random note, I have applied for the Wild Africa Trek job posting from work here.... and I really really want it. The posting is actually for a bench position, so they're not hiring right now for it, but kind of hiring a bunch of people that they can pick from when a position opens up. It's a pool, but now they call it a bench. This is the initial stage, so if I make it past this stage, I'll be offered an interview. I REALLY hope I can get at least part way into it.  Forget that.. I want the job!!! I feel like I would be perfect for it!! I love to talk and take pictures. Done.

Look at that! Some of my photos!


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